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"connection.socketCustomParameters" property allows you pass custom socket.io parameters over nodejs sever.

"socketCustomParameters" property requires RTCMultiConnection >= v3.

"connection.socketCustomParameters" is a "string":

// starts with "&"
// &fullName=Muaz
// &meetingId=xyz
connection.socketCustomParameters = '&fullName=Muaz&country=PK&meetingId=xyz';

Now you can open server.js and access above parameters here:

// you can find below line on "server.js" file
require('./Signaling-Server.js')(app, function(socket) {
    var params = socket.handshake.query;

    var meetingId = params.meetingId;
    var fullName = params.fullName;
    var country = params.country;
    var userid = params.userid;
    // etc.

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