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RTCMultiConnection API Reference / "onCustomMessage" method

  1. Custom messages can be received using onCustomMessage event.
  2. connection.onCustomMessage = function(message) { };
  3. Using sendCustomMessage method; you can share public messages over the default socket. E.g.
    1. State of the session-participant or session-initiator; whether he is going to leave; or going to share a media stream.
    2. Ask a session-participant to broadcast screen or video in one-way direction.
    3. Ask session-participants to attach audio stream; even if it is oneway stream coming from session-initiator.
    4. There are unlimited scenarios; that can be accomplished using sendCustomMessage method; just imagine and go ahead and use it!
  4. connection.sendCustomMessage(any_kind_of_data |or| string_message);

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