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RTCMultiConnection API Reference / "direction"

  1. Media directions can be set either using session object or using direction object.
  2. Possible values for direction object:
    1. one-way
    2. one-to-one
    3. one-to-many
    4. many-to-many
  3. connection.direction = 'one-way';
    // or
    connection.session = {
        audio: true,
        oneway: true
  4. "one-to-one" is identical like maxParticipantsAllowed = 1.


  1. What is the difference between the direction of one-way and one-to-many..
    I am doing my college minor project in webRtc which is broadcasting the video to multiple users...
    One-Way means you're attaching your local media but viewers are not. One-to-Many means you're attaching local media; viewers are also attaching their local media streams.
    Common thing between both is that you're connected with all viewers. Viewers are not interconnected.

    Read more here:
    1. What is One-Way Broadcasting?
    2. What is One-to-Many Broadcast?
    3. What is Manyt-to-Many Broadcast?

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