RTCMultiConnection Docs

RTCMultiConnection API Reference / "devices"

  1. You can get list of devices using "getDevices" method and prefer any single or two audio/video devices using "selectDevices" method.
  2. // get list of devices
        for (var device in devices) {
            device = devices[device];
            // device.kind == 'audio' || 'video'
            console.log(device.id, device.label);
    // select any audio and/or video device
    connection.selectDevices(firstDeviceID, secondDeviceID);
  3. You can access those audio/video input devices using "devices" object, any time:
    // get list of devices
    for (var device in connection.devices) {
        device = connection.devices[device];
        // device.kind == 'audio' || 'video'
        console.log(device.id, device.label);

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