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RTCMultiConnection API Reference / "caniuse" object

  1. "caniuse" object can be used to detect support of a feature before using it!
  2. console.log( connection.caniuse.RTCPeerConnection );
    console.log( connection.caniuse.getUserMedia );
    console.log( connection.caniuse.AudioContext );
    console.log( connection.caniuse.ScreenSharing );
    console.log( connection.caniuse.RtpDataChannels );
    console.log( connection.caniuse.SctpDataChannels );
    console.log( connection.caniuse.NodeWebkit );
    connection.caniuse.checkIfScreenSharingFlagEnabled(function (isFlagEnabled, warning) {
        if (isFlagEnabled) {
            console.error('Multi-capturing of screen is not allowed. Capturing process is denied. Try chrome >= M31.');
        if (warning) console.error(warning);
        else if (!isFlagEnabled) {
            console.error('It seems that "Enable screen capture support in getUserMedia" flag is not enabled.');

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