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RTCMultiConnection.socketURL | "property"

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"connection.socketURL" property allows you set/link your own socket.io sever.

"socketURL" property requires RTCMultiConnection >= v3.

"connection.socketURL" is a "string":

connection.socketURL = 'https://onlyChangingPort.com:8888/';
connection.socketURL = 'https://separateDomain.com:443/';
connection.socketURL = '/'; // same domain

// or a free signaling server
connection.socketURL = 'https://rtcmulticonnection.herokuapp.com:443/';
  1. You can run nodejs on a separate domain or separate port or on a separate server
  2. You can set socketURL="ip-address" to link nodejs server
  3. Now you can run RTCMultiConnection-v3 demos on any webpage; whether it is PHP page, ASP.net page, python or ruby page or whatever framework running top over HTML.

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